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HTPC build help
Hi, I'm building almost exactly the machine featured here:

But I have a couple things I'd like to add, and I need to know what, if any different power supply I'd need for the following additions:

- A TV Tuner card
- A bluray drive

Also, I haven't got the case in the mail yet so maybe someone here could tell me... I have a 256GB SSD for OS and software and a 3.5" 1TB HDD I bought for that case. I also have a spare 500GB laptop HDD. Could that case hold all 3 drives? How would that effect power requirements? Could I set up one HDD with the TV Tuner card with Windows 7 or 10 to be a DVR?

I appreciate the help!

Also, could somebody recommend a decent and compatible tv tuner card for this build? And is it safe to assume a sata bluray internal drive will fit? Thanks!
Well no worries. Figuring it out on my own.

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