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Misundersdanding or setup prob
So I've been hearing bout this free tv for a while now, so I d/l'ed KODI, installed ok, got a wack of repositories, big load of apps.

Er, windows 7 64, 17 blah blah.

So I can get a couple of shows from diff channels, but you can't actually stream a channel, just some shows?

Just as an example, first one I tried, diy network, 0 shows with Mike, Brian or Scott.  (basicly you get the filler from most channels)

All the channels I tried (over 133) not one is channel streamed, so, you can only watch some shows on some channels?
I may be setup wrong, but I would hardly call it free TV.
This depends on the specific "app" from the "big load of apps" you're using. From what I can tell, you got some addons for Kodi, right? What ones are you using?

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