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error concealment
I have a Raspberry Pi 2B-Openelec-Kodi. Connected to it a USB HDD. All my media files are on the HDD. In principle I love this system.
Part of my videofiles are TS files, recorded from a satellite receiver. There are flaws in these TS files. TS Doctor tells me where these flaws are (on the average 1 error and 2 warnings per hour).
Playing on my PC these regions with MPC-HC you will observe these flaws in audio and video, but MPC-HC is very friendly and these flaws are short living and not irritating. In this respect the VLC player performs not so well.
But the purpose is to play them with Kodi on my TV screen. And the mediaplayer within Kodi is not friendly. Those flaws are clearly audible and visible, may last for 1-4 sec and very irritating. The error concealment of the Kodi player is not good. I am stuck now and hope for suggestions or alternatives.

Perhaps try remuxing your files to MKV? Kodi doesn't take too kindly to TS bundled streams as far as I know.

Hope it helps,
Thanks, and I think you are right.
At the moment I try to become familiar -by trial and error- with the world of demuxing, remuxing, and downmixing of an audio 5.1 stream. First results are promising and I believe this will be the right way to suppress -at least subjectively- flaws in the stream.

What makes testing slightly complicated is the following. I have produced now a modified ts file. TS Doctor and Kodi on Windows don't have problems with this file. However, Kodi on Pi Openelec refuses to play this modified file.

I am experimenting further.
I'm glad to see people experimenting and tinkering with files, it's the only way to increase our knowledge, and glad to see it has produced positive results as well.

Hmm... thinking about the OpenElec for Pi, perhaps this has something to do with the reduced hardware abilities on these devices? These files seem to be very demanding.

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