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istream addon for kodi
I am an absolute beginner with kodi. I like the istream addon but want to be able to download a movie (instead of watching stream)>
I can find no way to do this. Am I missing something?
Hello, thanks for posting. Some addons offered this feature but have since been abandoned. One of them was the Kodi Genesis addon. It is now Kodi Exodus addon, and I think it doesn't offer download capabilities anymore.

You could download your media in some other ways, for example you could use CouchPotato, SickBeard, SickRage or Sonarr. Hope it helps!
exodus still does downloads and it works ok. Istream and most others do not. I have read some about using vlc media player as a recording
interface but the instructions are all on youtube and are very disjointed... use a lot o terms I don't understand... any experience there?
Hello, sorry haven't really worked with that so far. Thanks anyways for the pointers regarding Exodus. Does that addon work for your needs? Where does it fall short?

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