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[problem] android box mini pc keeps freezing
Confused  Help please. Can someone tell me some options for a fix to my mbox freezing? It doesn't matter if I'm in Kodi or just surfing the web with the android browser the mbox will just freeze. It has to be unplugged then plugged back in to reboot. Freezing happens about 7 min after the mbox boots up.....
Hello, this seems to be an issue with these boxes; but there are two suggested solutions: letting it set for 5-10 minutes after booting, in order to avoid consuming excessive resources; or installing a custom firmware. Hope it helps!
Thank you for the response. I have let it set I believe after reboot for that amount of time or more and still frozen. Can you suggest firmware website?
Hello, sadly I can't direct you to any firmware website in specific, however I'm sure this will be a recurrent topic for users of this box, so perhaps it will be easy to find it. The mbox forums might be a great start in this search.

Hope it helps!

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