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Dream Setup
Currently I have Windows Media Center on my main TV in the living room. I have 2 tuner cards getting OTA HD TV. I use Media Center for live TV and recorded TV. I also have Media Browser (Emby now) for downloaded TV shows and Movies. In my bedroom, I have a Linksys extender that can mainly do live TV and recorded TV (it has a hard time decoding some modern codecs). Since Media Center isn't in Windows 8 or 10, I'm searching for a replacement and I'm having a very difficult time. I have a lot of wants, but haven't found anything that can meet all of them. Here is a list of want I would want in a dream home media setup:
  • watch live OTA TV with guide data
  • record OTA TV with a smart interface (conflict resolution, series scheduling, etc)
  • access to internet services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Video (if possible), YouTube, etc.
  • access to my downloaded movies and TV shows folders (with metadata and posters)
  • every room/TV have the same interface
  • wife approved (easy to use, smart/clean look, stable)
I was leaning toward Plex and have it installed on a fast computer doing nothing else. I also bought an HDHomerun and a Raspberry Pi 3 in anticipation of moving in that direction. It does 3 out of the 6 things very well: access to my downloaded content, every room has the same interface, and wife approved. I have been patiently waiting for Silicon Dust (the makers of HDHomerun) to come out with their DVR software, but I'm not sure how it will work with Plex and how it will be implemented.

So please, if you know of any software out there that can meet all of my media needs, speak up!
Hello, and thanks for posting. The setup is very specific and there is a lot of room for tweaking, so hopefully other HTPC enthusiasts can help you with their experiences. So far, Plex sounds like a good option. As your list is quite extensive, perhaps there's not a single software that can perform all of the tasks, but then you could just use more than one software, each for a different task, specially on the client devices.

Anyways, hope you find some interesting ideas in the forum, and in our website! I think you could perhaps benefit from this post: Plex vs Emby: A Comprehensive Comparison
I mean, my list isn't unreasonable at all though. Windows Media Center could ALL of these relatively well - and it was released 14 years ago. With the progression of technology, I'm very surprised that something hasn't risen up to take its place.

Hopefully someone can have some good advice Smile

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