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When i start building my NAS i start with a raspberry pi2, well i test it for like 6 months and the worse part was the external hdd losing connection time a time, leaving the movie in the middle and not enjoying anything more. So after i bought a chromecast i unplug my old htpc, and replace the raspberry pi with the old htpc machine (Sempron AMD is like a P4 with 2gb of ram and everything go well till now) my question is any advise to reduce the energy bill?

cuz raspberry pi consume 5v with 3 12v ext hdd and 12v more for the fan.
Now a linux mint 17 box with 3 SATA hdd, 1 80gb for the linux OS, and 2 storage hdd for other services one 750 for videos (running via plex) and other 500gb with music via mopidy and comics server via ubooquity

Thanks for all the support and hope we can chat and get better solution for my house Smile
Hello, thanks for posting. I think you would find this tutorial helpful: Energy efficient budget HTPC-NAS combo build 2016

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