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Networking with KodiPi
We have a NAS server on the network and kodi on the RPi.   I cannot seem to figure out how to see the NAS server to set it a the place to set downloads/writes too.  I can cannot seem to pull media off of it.  Is there a specific add-on I need?

Also I can see my desktop and laptop on my Kodi but when I try to access them it wants a username and password but I do not have this set up on them.  Is there more I need to do?
Hello, you do not need specific addons, as far as I know Kodi can play media from a network location, which is what you would have with the NAS. Try adding it as a file source, under System -> File Manager. On your other systems there's a chance that you have an administrator password set up. Is your user account an administrator on them? Maybe that's the information it's asking for.

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