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Help me!!! Please!! 6 mth issue!! Im desperate!!
Hello. Ive followed your directions to download super repo to a tee. The. I download icefilms...I go into movies pick one and the next page is blank. Also with pleXVMC i get an error that says to check the log for mlre information..NOTHING is playing when i go to it. Help me please. What am i doing wrong??
Hello, thanks for commenting,

I think the post would get more attention over our Kodi forum, so I will move it there. Regarding Icefilms, some users have been reporting errors with this addon. I would suggest you install Kodi Velocity Addon or Kodi Exodus Addon instead. Hope it helps!
That means that there are no streams for that movie, try using Phoenix or a different thumbnail, there are many to choose from

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