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[problem] Fire stick Kodi problems

Ive just tired to use my new fire stick (bought pre loaded with kodi) 

I can launch Kodi, and navigate through the pages but nothing will launch within Kodi ?

Eg..Pheonix......brings up a page saying files, playlists , folders but i can't actually get into pheonix
     If I search for a program or film, it just drawers a blank page on every single add on i try

I have tried going through the  manage installed applications and generally spent 4 hours trying to work out the problem

Any help/ advice/ tips  would be very appreciated

Thanks Huh
Hello! I would recommend reinstalling Kodi yourself, as there might be problems with the pre-installed software and you won't be in control of them if you choose to use it.

You could follow one of our tutorials to install it, such as this one: How to install Kodi on Fire TV without adb and computer?

If you don't want to reinstall Kodi just yet, you could try updating the addons within it. Go to
System -> Settings -> Add-ons
and then click on
Check for updates
on the side menu (for Kodi 16 Jarvis).

Please keep us posted about your results. Thanks.

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