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KDLinks A300 questions about hard drive use
Hi, I am a 62 year old who is trying to become more tech savvy, but most of the information I can find explains things in a way that assumes that I already know things that I don't.   Anyway, I purchased a KD links A300 Android Box, I also just purchased a 5 TB hard drive to install into the A300.  My question is, how do I download things (movies, photos, music, etc.) onto the hard drive and play them back?
Hello, thanks for commenting!

You shouldn't have trouble with a 5TB disk, some users have reported using even 6TB without issue.

I think once you install the HDD, Android sees it as an external storage. Try using the ES File Explorer app to explore the HDD, and to transfer things from the downloads folder to the HDD. Or, choose a path for your files that's on the HDD instead of the internal storage or some other Android device area.

Hope it helps!

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