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Sickrage stops running daily search.
I currently have Sickrage running on an old MacBook Pro that I have connected to my router. I have it set so the MacBook never turns off. Sickrage normally works fine for most of the day, but it seems that once a day, Sickrage will stop running daily searches, and no errors or warnings appear. In order to get get Sickrage to start running daily searches again, I have to reset the computer. I can't figure out why this might be happening. Any ideas?
Hello, thanks for commenting.

In order to troubleshoot your issue, please post your logs here. You can find the log path if you go to Config -> Help & Info -> SR Log Dir. When you know the path where logfiles are stored, wait for Sickrage to stop its daily searches and then get the logs, and send them to us. You can also paste them on Pastebin for convenience.

Looking forward to help you with this issue.


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