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ideas on system
Hey everyone, I'm looking for some ideas. Possibly changing my setup around and looking at ways to go. Currently I have a big gaming PC that I don't use much with an I7, 16 bg ram, ssd and some on board storage. I have a media PC that I built off of an atom D525 board? with 4 or 8 gb of ram, an SSD and 4 3 TB WD Reds. I was running plex off of the media pc but noticed lots of stuttering on my fire tv. I now run the plex server off of my gaming PC pointing to the media PC storage. Both PCs are running Windows 10 now. SOme more back story. I wired the whole house not too long ago with CAT6. I've got a microtik router, a 24 port dell switch, an ubiquiti wireless AP, ports all over the house, and smart TVs/ bluray players/a fire TV. I also have a Mac mini with an i7, 16bg ram, ssd and a 2 TB storage drive. I don't use it much except for camping, I transfer media to it to watch in the camper. I also have a Raspi 2b that I just put a triple boot on with openelec that I will start playing with. Sorry for the length of this, just want to give a decent layout to better offer input. I kinda thought the windows 7/10 might be a bit heavy for the media pc and that's what got me to thinking about changing it up. I also have been using the media PC to download(with a VPN service). I've been seeing all the options lately with sickbeard and sabnzbd? The possibilities I've been looking at now are Ubuntu, nas4free, sticking with windows, something I'm not thinking of? I am averaging over 100 mb/s (last night, was 1TB at 109 mb/s), the highest I've seen is 120. I'd like to increase if possible, everything I can think of is gigabit so I'd think I could do a little better than 120.
Thank you for taking the time to read all of this and I look forward to input and suggestions
Hello, thanks for commenting. It does look like a decent setup but, what kind of media are you trying to stream via Plex? Does your setup work properly now without stuttering? It might be several reasons that cause this but we should be able to troubleshoot it.

Your issue is stuttering video on your Fire TV when using Plex to stream from a media PC, is this correct?

Thanks, looking forward to helping you.

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