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HTPC+NAS+Web Surfing, etc

I am relatively new to the HTPC/NAS realm but am an IT-type guy.  Here is what i am wanting to do:

1) Build new, dedicated work/gaming computer (not a topic for discussion here)
2) Create a DIY NAS/HTPC computer to be connected to the network to operate as a cloud storage, stream videos from all network connected devices, etc...

Recently I have thoroughly enjoyed having a PC connected to my main TV to be able to surf the web, play Youtube/music, and show pictures, etc.  I have an old, clunky Dell that I could connect to my TV and would suffice for the web surfing, etc side of the house, but I am wondering if I could wrap it all into one with a DIY HTPC/NAS...If I connected the DIY NAS/HTPC to my TV, could it run Amahi, and also allow me to pull up Firefox, play YouTube videos, while also acting as my cloud storage, etc?  I would be installing Amahi on a SSD, with 2x2TB HHDs RAID as the cloud storage, etc.

Any help/advice you could offer would be appreciated.  Thank you!

I think it would be interesting if you tried this setup, as I believe Amahi can be used on desktop mode as well as server mode. From their homepage:

Quote:Some people use Amahi headless (no video or keyboard/mouse, in the basement or the garage). Some people also use the system as a desktop. The choice is yours!

This would give you the added benefit of having a killer-storage desktop computer embedded on your living room, so I think it's a good alternative. Regarding storage, I think 4 TB is more than enough space to run a pretty decent server for all your content. As you are familiar with these topics, I assume it will turn out to be a great machine.

Please let us know how it goes. Thanks!

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