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Cheaper HTPC for Local Playback with HD Audio Bitstream
Hi there, I've read most of the guides on this site but I can't seem to find one that fits my situation perfectly. My set-up is weird in that we don't have high speed internet. I've been using Plex on an older laptop as the server and a Roku 3 as my primary playback device but I don't like it very much. I want something that plays my uncompressed MKV files and can bitstream HD audio to my receiver on either Kodi or Plex HT. I don't care which, but I'm starting to like Plex more due to the limited tinkering required. All my files are stored in a WD My Cloud that can't utilize the Plex Server, so the server would go on the HTPC but wouldn't need to do anything except make Plex function. I don't need outside our local network access, I don't need any heavy transcoding, as the only other access point might be the Roku 3 which I would move to our bedroom, or the app on the Samsung TV in our room. I havn't ruled out a Raspberry Pi media box in our room either, and we wouldn't be doing more than two simultaneous tasks. The only other function I'd really like is to add a tuner to watch and record live TV as we don't have any cable or satelite. So I guess to sum it all up, a cheaper HTPC frontend that can upscale SD content as well as my blu ray player does, accept an external blu ray drive for the times when we need to play a disc, play regular non-3D/4K HD video, bitstream HD audio, and function as a TV tuner/DVR box. Any suggestions?

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