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Advice on selecting setup

I read quite a few guides, and am still trying to decide how I want to setup everything.
Right now I'm using Pi1 with XBMC, and just move the data through DOK and so on, but now I'm upgrading bits here and there, and thinking of changing things.

Currently what I am looking at is this:
- AC1900 router
- A desktop PC, with all the media library. Can connect it through WiFi only (would not get much into this, but that's just a given fact)
- An iPad
- Raspberry Pi 2 (bought 1 week before the 3 got out), which I plan to plug on my TV

What I'm thinking of is installing Plex on the desktop, and upgrading my WiFi card to support higher transfer rate.
Moreover, I'd like to setup a Plex client on the Pi2, and stream everything through WiFi to the TV

For that I will need to upgrade the Wifi adaptors for the desktop PC (AC) and the Pi (did not see evidence that AC supporting ones work well on Pi2, so maybe an N one).
Content will be mainly 1080, and do not think that more than 2 movies will be streamed in parallel.

Does it sound right to you?
Do you think setup should be different?


I think you have given extensive thought and research to your setup. It sounds right to me, in the sense that I do not see any glaringly obvious problems with it.

The only problem might come from the WiFi n adapter, since it will force your Pi to receive signals a bit slower; but the speed would still be enough for the purpose you want it (streaming 1080p with Plex).

Perhaps other users might have more ideas, so I will keep your thread open. Please let us know how your setup is coming along!

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