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[problem] Help PLz!!! HTPC first build issues
Hey all, thanks in advance for your help. My system is fully functional except for when I hook it up to the main TV. Since all my a/v is in a closet 40 feet away from my TV, I try and get it all up and running before moving it into the closet to finish installation. 

I am using hdmi out of a Gigabyte Z170 chipset mobo. It goes into an older Pioneer Elite SC-65 receiver that does HDMI 1.4. 

The receiver has no problem displaying the comcast xfinity X1, and the xbox one on the Vizio's HDMI port 5 that supports 1080p and higher, 4K @ 60hz via HDMI extenders.

The receiver has a video pass through option and a video conversion off/on, but that did not make a difference with the htpc. The tv that did work via hdmi is a kids room 720p LG. 

The HDMI extenders are powered and I am using two Cat6 cables. They support up to 1080p at 70m, but I'm only using 75 ft of cable. 

Appreciate the suggestions to trouble shoot why this very modern on-board hdmi mobo is having problems displaying. Thanks! 

~ Chad
Hello, thanks for posting.

Your problem seems to be a bit complex, at least at first sight. Mind telling us the model of your TV set so that I can check out its available ports and other relevant information? To me it sounds like you're connecting the setup to an HDMI port that's configured in a way that it won't support the stream coming towards the TV.

Let's check it in detail and step by step and perhaps we can get to a solution. Also I would advise to try connecting things directly and rule out the extenders from the equation, to see if they are at fault (somehow)

Looking forward to your reply,

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