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Adding Kodi to amazon Fire TV stick
We have followed all instructions successfully and tried to download the zip version of Kodi as the APK didn't work. It starts but then just says task failed though at the end. Is there anyway around this? 

Any advice appreciated. 


When you add the favorite URL to ES File Explorer, use the Kodi Download website, as a temporary workaround.

Do this and get back to us to see if your issue has been resolved. Thanks!
I did exactly what you said and now when I click to install. It won't install or anything on the file explorer. It won't let me click install. Only cancel and I've been trying to fix this for the last 5hrs and it's really aggravating me. Tried installing from ADB and failed with infinity loop. Tried file explorer and the install button won't work. Its B.S. I need help if anyone knows what to do or how to do it
Hello, I understand your frustration; however, these problems on this installation process seem to be caused by a bad link. Bad links can happen by a multitude of factors, including exceeded bandwidth. Short of trying another link and repeating the process, there is nothing that can be done, at least not if you want to follow this installation method.

I have tried the original link and it's working. Did you try all mirrors from that link? As I've said before, the only option to continue with this particular method of installation is finding a mirror that works; however, mirrors can also be disabled temporarily, meaning they can work in the future even if they didn't work at a certain time.

Hope this helps. If you are having too many problems with this method, try another one? We have an alternative guide here: Install Kodi on Amazon Fire TV in a few simple steps

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