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Update oracle vm to 5.00
I am a complete numbskull with these things but have successfully had Oracle VM Virtual box put on my laptop to run Windows XP to play a game. Previously when an update was offered it failed to complete and somebody had to reset whole thing for me. I currently run version 4.32something. I am offered version 5.00 - is this straightforward to update or will it cause complications again preventing my subsequent use?
Again as I say I am numbskull level!!

I just checked and I don't think it would be as straightforward to update it; specially if you define yourself as low-skill level in this regard. Does keeping your current version prevent you from using your game? Would you get any real benefit from updating?

In this case I would lean more towards the old "if it isn't broken, don't fix it" saying. However, you could also try to upgrade, and if it fails, snoop around for a way to fix it. This would help you learn more about your software.

You can always come to the forums and ask for help if something goes wrong, but as I said, if you care only about being able to play without issues, and you're doing just that, there's no real reason to upgrade, I think.

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