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RPI2 questions
Ok I think I can ask about anything in this forum.   I have a RPI2 I built a few weeks ago. OpenElec 5.0.2 I think, Kodi 15.2

If I want to stream live TV will I need the codecs for optimal picture. I can stream from the "top 10" in cCloud or many others but not good quality and really not passible for everyday vewing.

Not that streaming live is completley necessary, just want to play with it.  I'm totally pleases ed with just watching a current show the next day. Pay TV has become so useless. I've never had Netflicks but can't see it being any better than kodi addons.
Hello, thanks for posting. I don't think you would need any codecs, since in most devices the streaming of Live TV is as easy as installing the addon and using it; however, you could try installing some codecs, and this should improve playback of local media at the very least. Hope it helps!

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