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Atomic-Toolkit: sabnzbdplus doesn't seem to install
I used the Atomic Toolkit on my newly rebuilt ubuntu server.  Everything I want installs properly, save for sabnzbdplus.  The script runs through as expected, but when it comes to starting the service. I get a [fail].  I cannot access it via webui.  If I start the application manually I get a text-based quick-start wizard, which I can configure through... but I know something is amiss...

I've researched this up and down and I am at a total loss.  Can anyone suggest anything?
That happened to me also. I uninstalled SABnzbd with Atomic Toolkit and then reinstalled. It works fine now.
Hello tinkeringnerd, have you tried the proposed solution? How did it go?

Thank you, WillyB, for your valuable input!

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