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[guide] How to post your problem with XBMC/Kodi
In order to provide you with a better and more relevant assistance, moderators and contributors to this board need to know some basic aspects related to your problem. Whenever you post on this board to request a resolution or ideas on how to solve a problem with XBMC/Kodi, its setup, an addon within it or any other related matter, please follow these simple guidelines:

[problem] State your problem briefly

The prefix [problem] can be selected from a drop-down menu to the right of the Thread Subject field. Posts marked with this prefix are more likely to receive attention from people who want to help or know how to help on your issue.

[problem] Kodi addon YouTube does not work
[problem] Skin Nebula froze while using Kodi
[problem] Library items are not showing up on Kodi

Once you have a good title, go on to write your post, please stating the following:
  • Kodi version. Example: Kodi Helix, Kodi Isengard, Kodi v15
  • Addon version that causes/suffers the problem. Example: Prime Wire 2.5.64, YouTube 5.1.9. (This also applies to skins).
  • (Optional) Describe your hardware setup, briefly. Example: Amazon Fire TV with sideloaded Kodi, Rooted MXQ Android TV box, etc
  • Describe your problem. Example: Today I opened Kodi and found out there is no artwork on any of my media. Rebooted, to no effect. What might be causing it?
After your post is done, please wait patiently for a moderator or contributor to reply. As activity levels get higher, the response time will be shorter. Some of our users are very knowledgable people who will no doubt help you. The aim is to become a community who can help each other to solve problems and come up with neat tips and tricks to make our setups collectively better.

Enjoy the forums!

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