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Installing Openelec...
Hi folks.

Appreciate any advice provided, including forgetting about this project :-)

I'm using an old IBM laptop that is supposedly capable of running the 32bit version of OpenElec (version 5.0.8).

I've prepared a USB install drive, booted from it and installed.
Subsequently rebooted and the system apparently loads (Syslinux) but all I get is a black screen with a mouse pointer.

have you tried older versions of openelec?
I would take a look at libreelec. I just recently found out about it and will be installing it myself this weekend (most likely). It looks to have a more active development team than openelec. The install seemd more straight forward and the current version will run Kodi Jarvis, which openelec does not run yet afaik. I do have openelec running on an Asus Chromebox and it is probably my favorite "Kodi box" but I would like to try Jarvis and so that's why I am looking at

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