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Rasplex, Xbian, Openelec, Rasbian... Can't seem to find the perfect one!
Hello all,

I'm setting up a Raspberry Pi 2 for my mother-in-law (read here non-tech-savvy mother-in-law). There are a few things that are essential for her to be easy to use and for me to debug when necessary. I have large Plex Media Server libraries at home and the main way she'll be using her Pi is by streaming content from my PMS using Plex Home Theater. Now I've done a lot of reading in the past week about the different oses available for media centers on the Pi. Every single one is missing an option I need. Details : 

Rasplex : Would have been the winning solution if it could handle VNC Server. I need it to remotely access the Pi when she will be stuck. And believe me, she will. 

Xbian : Has VNC support and I can install bunch of other apps that could be usefull. Except Plex Home Theater. Not gonna use Kodi.

Openelec : As I said, not gonna use XBMC/Kodi. But I thought the addon could do it. Yet it is too complicated to get to it on a daily basis and the layout is horrible IMHO.

Rasbian : Same as Xbian. Can't install PHT.

Anyone that has a little more experience than me with the Pi can help me figure out the best option? Maybe I missed something and it's possible to install vnc on rasplex or PHT on Xbian..

@bpjobin Among all you have tried Raspbian is your best bet. Have you tried this?

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